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Shawn Edwards
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November 15
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Sep 29, 2004

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Horizon Plumbing and Heating
1407 North George Street
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I have been an ERN member for the past 10 years now. I remember growing up and my father saying surround yourself with good people and good things will happen. Well Rich Butler asked me to visit a LeTip meeting years ago when I first started m business. Well I can say the rest is history. I have met so many good people over the years. Members both current and past have helped shape my business through advice and business over the years. I cannot say how grateful I am to be a member of ERN.
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Anyone who is looking to repair, service or replace their existing heating and cooling system.
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I have been working in the HVAC and plumbing trades for almost the past 20 years now. I was able to complete my plumbing schooling years ago by first becoming a journeyman plumber. Two years later I completed some additional schooling and was able to become a master plumber. During the years I was also sent to many heating and cooling schools. This gave me a broad base to work in both trades and the experience to perform many different jobs with this experience. Prior to me working in the trade I graduated from High School in a suburb of the Minneapolis area. I attended college in Minnesota and later transferred to Pennsylvania State University. I have been a resident of the York County area for almost 30 years now.
Special News:
The upcoming cooling season is almost upon us. Keeping your system clean will say you both on energy costs and maintenance.