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Bev Dellinger
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September 11
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May 24, 2018

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WineShop At Home
525 Airpark Road
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The benefits of ERN include a personal connection with our local community’s business professionals. The mutual support of this group of individuals will provide the environment to develop and grow our businesses successfully.
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A good referral for me would be anyone interested in hosting an in-home or office wine tasting. Also, any wine lover who would like to try our wines without attending a tasting can place an order, no membership or fees required. Orders can be placed directly on my website, or by contacting me. I can assist with navigating our menu of 45+ wines to match your preferences! Another referral for me would be anyone interested in purchasing gifts for their favorite wine lover. Our personalized wines with custom designed labels make great gifts for milestone birthdays and anniversaries, wedding or retirement. I have had customers purchase these custom labeled wines with their company logo and business information to give as a gift to their customers at the close of a business transaction or contract. Anyone interested in becoming a wine consultant to join our team would also be a good referral – no wine experience or knowledge needed! I have consultants on my team who conduct the in-home wine tastings, and also some that just market our wines to a small circle of close family and friends with online wine sales. Our company offers a great deal of information to learn and explore the world of wine, and I offer on the job training, it sure is a fun job for wine lovers!
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I graduated from York College twice, once with a degree in Business Management concentrating in HR/Training and Development, then after working in the IT consulting field for several years, decided to return to York College for my bachelors in nursing. I am also a Registered Nurse, and currently work full time as an IT Healthcare Consultant & Analyst. My husband, Matt, and I have been married for 12 years and have two children, Stephen (10) and Lily (7). We spend most of our time as taxi drivers and coaches for our children’s sports and activities. Our leisure time is usually spent vineyard exploring, traveling to Pitt football games, mountain cabin retreats in the Shenandoah and Smokey Mountain areas, lake time in Georgia, the Carolina beaches or anywhere else adventure awaits! My favorite hobby is wine tasting. I was introduced to WineShop At Home in October 2016 and it was a huge success with my circle of friends and family! The experience of being guided through an in home wine tasting with quality wines was proven to be a great way to spend time together for a girls night out or a few hours of kidless time for couples. I was the first consultant in York and one of the first in the southcentral PA area, and since then, my team has 14 (and we are still growing) consultants!
Special News:
The holidays are approaching and the calendar fills up quickly! I can conduct tasting in offices for holiday gatherings or in homes for family and friend gatherings.